Bathmat BTDM304
Category: Bath Mat  Publish Time: 2014-11-03 14:08 

Bathmat BTDM304
1. 2014 new model with high quality and factory competitive price
2. Material PVC,Cotton,Polyester,PP,or other material as your request
3. We developed the newest non-slip backing,TPR
4. We can make customized packing,with colorful paper card+hook
5. Very easy to install,clean,move and cost effectively
6. Our Bathmat is ideal product for using as bathmat
7.Multi-color you can choose
8.We have special quality control department and we have our own QC department to make report to our client
9.Better brand Bathmat
10. Widelly used in wet,hazardours areas,hotels,bathrooms,pool,and spa surrounding
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