Exhibition Carpet BTEX5103
Category: Exhibiton Carpet  Publish Time: 2014-11-05 12:22 

Exhibition Carpet BTEX5103
1. Exhibition carpet is very comfortable to stand and it’s very beautiful with decoration
2. We use top grade machine tufted carpet equipment to make our exhibition carpet
3. Easy to clean,dry quickly,good wearability,lauder well
4. Width maximum 4meter,length can be adjustable
5. Waterproof,oil-proof and stain resistance
6. PP or Polyester
7.We don’t like other factory has few stock for exhibition carpet,we have good quantity for exhibition carpet in different color with different pile weight
8.We have special quality control department and we have our own QC department to make report to our client
9.Better brand exhibition carpet
10. Widelly used in household,commercial,mall,hallway and decorative and any other decorative place

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