High quality handmade carpet and rug for hotel
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High quality handmade carpet and rug for hotel
Our products cover a full range of carpet including carpet,hotel carpet,axminster carpet,wilton carpet,tufted carpet,nylon carpet,nylon printing,wall to wall carpet,we specialized in making all kinds of handmade carpet,handknot carpet,our carpet brand is very famous in carpet industry.


High quality handmade carpet and rug for hotel


Wool,Acylic,Nylon,Bamboo,Real Silk






Big flower pattern,very delicate design


Home,Hotel,Hall Way,House,Lobby

Brand Name:


Backing Type:

Anti-slip Backing with Cotton Cloth binding




Any custom size can be made

Roll Size:

Any big size can be made


The advantage of our handmade carpet     

1.We use natural Newzland Wool

2.You can choose many colors and patterns for your order handmade carpet

3.No Color limitation,No Pattern limitation,No Small QTY limitation

4.Rug:We can make any size wall to wall big carpet or small rug size as  your request

5.Backing:Latex-Backing or other backing as your request

6.Cotton border or other as your request

7.Color for border:any you can choose


9.Rug Size: by customized,big size for rug or small for gift

10.Better handmade carpet is the best quality rug,very beautiful and best choice to your luxurious decoration  

In order to give you the best price,
when you send e-mail to carpetking888@163.com, kindly let us know,


1)What is the quantity you want and what is the size you want

2)What is the material such as sisal,or sisal with wool

3)What is pattern you want,where you want to us sisal carpet for the rug

4)What’s the color requirement you have for sisal carpet

5)Do you need to print your company logo on the carpet              

24hours hot quick feek back to e-mail: carpetking888@163.com

You are always welcome to call us at 13242750655 at any time

24 hours hot line to call us at 13242750655,we’ll give feedback to you within 24hours







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